Who We Are



Shhc is a local charity with more than 30 years’ experience combined with dedication, commitments, patience and continuous improvement of many volunteers to empower disadvantage people to develop, maintain their skills and enjoy a healthy and safe environment achieving many smiles and cheerfulness.

We believe that everyone has talents to share and with the volunteer’s team care and patience and now we are known as an example in the Southwark community.

Shh club has developed on the spirit of its members and volunteers and is grateful to various individuals and grant-making trusts that have shown us great generosity. We can say to all these people and bodies that their commitment, energy and confidence in us have been invested well and we will continue to concentrate on inspiring activities to “Show them the beauty and culture of the world”



1979 – 1980 SMILES

SHH Southwark

1981 -1990  SHHC

SHH Southwark Helping Hands was started in Berdmonsey-Cherry Garden a special needs school in 1981. Mrs Vera Keech and the request of some parents of young adults with learning and physical dificulties who had no future activities planned for them.

Mrs Keech Aproached the Silwood youth and Community Centre for the use of their hall on a weekly basis they ageed and Helping Hands Club was born. There were about 7 members to begin with and 3 volunteers helpers that included 2 Mums. we did puzzles and arts and then we had a young man who would drive the Silwood minibus. Gradually the club began to get known by word of mouth and we had a few more members making twelve. As the membership grew, we had to change venues.


We have had some great holidays, 2000: 20TH ANNIVERSARY in the year 2000 we organised a two weeks millenium trip to Sri Lanka, partly funded by my husband and I from the proceeds of gifts  from friends and family for our Ruby wedding anniversary.
13 Young adults and 20 volunteer helpers, we met the Mayor of Colombo who gave us a tea party when we arrived and we did all the tourist trips from The Elephant Orphanage to tea factory visit, the young people loved being able to go into the sea and not feeling cold.


We now meet at The Wade Tenants Hall on the Dickens Estate, Berdmondsey and there are thirty members and fourteen volunteer helpers, the activities include table tennis, snooker, Shh-umba dancing and bowling games on the Wii, we also have exercise machines and weights in our mini gym area,  along with board games, arts and crafts, for the less energetic. Some nights we encourage Healthy cooking skills and we have a helper who does haircuts and beauty treatments sometimes we go out for bowling or cinema.

2007: SHHC started as a local charity

2010: 30TH ANNIVERSARY:We did a second trip to Sri Lanka in 2010 ( thanks to Norton Rose funding) for a smaller group who did not make the first trip, this one included a safari.

We had a trip to New York and the Dominican Republic also small group visited Slovakia.